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Discovering the world through the eyes of my daughter lights up my imagination

Surface Pattern Design

Having four older siblings all infused with talent, a mother and grandmother becoming
Wizards with their hands, from sewing to cooking and everything in-between, it is no

doubt with creative influencers like them that I have the love to pour into my designs.

With my hobby for interior design and a graphic design diploma, I have transformed my

'1969 bungalow' into a home all my own. Combining my punk-rock meets Parisian luxury

style, I have intertwined the old with the new, the traditional with the modern, making
decorating one of my favourite things to do.

I can get lost in episodes of the Great British Bake off!

Fuelled by my love of decorating and designing, I get lost in a meditation of making repeat
patterns for textiles and wallpapers. My unique aesthetic style will enhance anyone’s home. 


After an evening driving to piano lessons, playing chef in the kitchen, and negotiating the

number of books before bedtime, you can find me spending the quiet hours of the evening

drawing and designing patterns I envision in your home or perhaps walking

down the red carpet — I always have a big dream!


My pup is a walking
colour swatch of my home!


One day, I will take my daughter to Paris, and we will buy
some ridiculously expensive clothing because... well, it's Paris!

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